Paintings by Doug Lehnhardt

I received my formal art training at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cooper School of Art where I majored in illustration. I also studied portraiture, and photography.

I have been painting wildlife and portraits for over 40 years and have found that the success of a painting is directly related to the intimacy you experience with your subject.  When painting a wolf, studying his features, movements, his personality and then try to capture them in my painting .  This would be the same for any other wildlife. Whether it is an eagle, lion, gorilla, tiger, horse, or even a cow. My fantasy paintings of castles and fairies have elements that were studied in reality. Some of my favorite painting have been of old fence posts, barns, churches or just a tree that has lived through so much history.

The reproductions I have of my paintings are all signed, numbered limited edition. I do all of my own printing to maintain a faithful representation of the original art.  This allows me complete control which until a few years ago was only a dream. To be able to print on canvas and have the reproduction have the same look as the original has made it possible for many more people to own my work.

      I hope you enjoy your visit

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